The Things I've Done | DDAY: Part I


ayus man diri sa rihab
dili nako mahona-hona-an nga
gimingaw ko sa akong dating binohatan
sa tino-od lang
maayo na man ko basta dili lang nako dawaton nga
tao ra man ko, magkamali gyud
misig unsa pa man ang mahitabo
dili gyud ko magpadala
sa kaayuhan og kalambo-an
mao ang akong padolngan
bisyo nga da-otan
ako na ning kalimtan
tanan natun-an akong da'a
mao ang ma-ingon nako
mogawas na gyud ko puhon
panahon na para maglipay-lipay

Get me water, my soul calls out for drenching
Drowning to the violence and chaotic things of where I' am.
Bring me to where my paradise is,
Take me out of where I am, I am not meant to be here.
The land is dry, and my feet was once soaked in deep waters.
Bring me back to where my feet felt home,
and to where my toes felt family.
My soul still yearns for the transedence.
Ten towers stepping on drought, take me back.
Now, the soil has cracked and left unattended.
Only the tears of the past keeps my feet moist.

Only to find, I was playing with mud.


(In order of appearance)

music, THE THINGS I'VE DONE from the EP Fuck Your Feelings (Vol. 1) by Khail SOLO 
with Dianne Escuadro
photo, FACE by Fusr, with Krystyl Lagdameo
poetry, RILAPS by Filmor Malnegro
photo, AFFLICTION by Artsie Otic
poetryO, DEAR, O by Kontem Pleyt
video, NALUMOS SA UDTONG TUTOK shot & edited by Hoowan, concept by F. Huramentado,
with Tricia


The Things I've Done is published under Panagtagbo's Doomsday (DDAY) compilation. See DDAY: Part II here
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