Beneath the Streetlights of Tionko


As the sun sets and the shadows of the buildings and establishments in the city grow larger, so is the arrival of girls and young women dressed in skimpy shorts and tight tank tops standing on the side of the streets of Davao City particularly Tionko Avenue, the street at the side of Central Bank of the Philippines. They seemed to be waiting for something or for someone. It had been a common knowledge shared quietly by the Dabawenyos that come nightfall girls and women in prostitution lurk the dark streets of Tionko.



3:14 am

Pagkahuman sa istorya kay Tricia about dyslexia, Redtube, and laziness being a virtue, nag-decide ko nga hipuson ang akong duyan.

Samtang ginahubad nako ang mga hikot sa duyan ug gina-arrange akong mga things, a thought pops out. A warrior must not leave a trace.

Alanganin na itulog, mupasi nalang ko.

"Sure ka?" ingon ni Brylle.

"Unsa gani to sa Panabi... 'daghang nangawala.' " Gikatlan siya sa iyahang wala nga mata.

"Ingat," pahimangno ni Tricia. Gipikpik nako ang ilahang abaga bag-o nilakaw.

Sa unahan, tulo ka dalan nag-converge.


Augustine Paredes x fusr x payat




carry the children of your past
you cuddle in your slumber
—monsters, they are
we see, they are
you hope that I:
birth you swords and armor
cold water,
silver, salt, garlic
warmwarm blankets and a crucifix;
when you thrist for happiness—
I am bursting with your fantasies
biggerbetterbolder in your dreams
than bedside beside you.


pen on paper, Keso
text, Anna Miguel
© The Panagtagbo. Base codes by Fearne. Tweaks by AMC