Nothing Lasts


Ang bituon mo
ginasilip sa ngit-ngit—
akong kahayag.

Sa'yong pag-ibig
ako'y nahuhulog na—
aray! Huhuhu.

Magkinaunsa, Kinausa


Magkinaunsa, kinausa.

(Whatever happens, we stay as one.)

Unusual Case of Pregnancy


IT was when she heard about ‘Nong Cayog that Dr. Janet Ypil, an obstetrician, once again felt hopeful that she did not have to stay barren her entire life.
            It was her friend Hanilyn who told her about him. When Hanilyn went to her for an ultrasound, Dr. Ypil could just laugh in disbelief. A year ago, Hanilyn was infertile too and Dr. Ypil’s four years in medical school told her she was not mistaken, but right on the screen was an image of a developing male fetus she was conceiving.
            “I went to ‘Nong Cayog,” said Hanilyn. “He’s an albularyo.”
            “Albularyo?” Dr. Ypil asked.
            She had tried everything. At least everything obstetricians like her do not normally try. She had taken fertility drugs, hoping everything was caused by hormonal problems. She had gone to several chapels kneeling and praying in front of the icons of different saints. She had forced herself to dance during an infertility festival in Obando. But nothing happened. She was still barren. They could’ve opted for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injections if only it were not too expensive. But she had never consulted an albularyo before.

Beneath the Streetlights of Tionko


As the sun sets and the shadows of the buildings and establishments in the city grow larger, so is the arrival of girls and young women dressed in skimpy shorts and tight tank tops standing on the side of the streets of Davao City particularly Tionko Avenue, the street at the side of Central Bank of the Philippines. They seemed to be waiting for something or for someone. It had been a common knowledge shared quietly by the Dabawenyos that come nightfall girls and women in prostitution lurk the dark streets of Tionko.



3:14 am

Pagkahuman sa istorya kay Tricia about dyslexia, Redtube, and laziness being a virtue, nag-decide ko nga hipuson ang akong duyan.

Samtang ginahubad nako ang mga hikot sa duyan ug gina-arrange akong mga things, a thought pops out. A warrior must not leave a trace.

Alanganin na itulog, mupasi nalang ko.

"Sure ka?" ingon ni Brylle.

"Unsa gani to sa Panabi... 'daghang nangawala.' " Gikatlan siya sa iyahang wala nga mata.

"Ingat," pahimangno ni Tricia. Gipikpik nako ang ilahang abaga bag-o nilakaw.

Sa unahan, tulo ka dalan nag-converge.

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